hexed – commands insert & remove

A small update with 2 new commands, insert and remove, having been added to hexed. Insert first moves any data at the end of the file then inserts the bytes from a buffer and removes deletes bytes from the buffer.

The Command List

Insert: -i

Inserts bytes in the file at the destination, repeating the bytes for a number of times.

-i 100 10 01 02 03

This will insert the bytes 0x01 0x02 0x03 at 0x100 16 times.

Remove: -r

Removes a number of bytes from the file starting at the source.

-r 10 100

Removes 0x100 bytes from the file at 0x10 to 0x110.

2 Replies to “hexed – commands insert & remove”

    • I’ll have a look the at the problem, it might have something to do with an enter key code at the end of the input. A quick work around might be to put an extra space or 2 after your input.

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