Hexed bugfix #1

Hexed had a problem on Windows with CR, LF line conversion. Hexed opened the file using the ‘r+b’ file mode but MinGW seemed to ignore the file mode and opened the file in text mode. I’m now setting the _fmode from fcntl.h to _O_BINARY. This fix only compiles on Windows for the MinGW compiler and is done in a separate file, bfcntl.c, to stop any warnings about DLL settings.

Hexed now also shows the version number on the help screen with the command hexed -?

The last thing is I’ve added a Support section to the Sourceforge site for hexed. This should be used to report bugs and request new features.

One Reply to “Hexed bugfix #1”

  1. Is this hexed still a live project? It’s been over 4 years since the
    last activity here…

    I’ve just recently discovered hexed, and have been enhancing it a bit:
    fixing segfaulting bugs and writing a man page.

    I’d like to email you some patches, but you’ve carefull hidden your email
    address. I don’t have nor want a sourceforge account. If you want to
    reply to this, please email me at [email removed]

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